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Worlds Widest Slip & Slide

January 3, 2012

Words cant describe how much I would love to go on this! Actually… not sure how long I would last before being pulled away in an ambulance as I’ve never been on a slip and slide. Still, would love to do it!


The Simpsons Through Time

December 30, 2011

Was stumbling and I came across these. The first few were alright but then as I got further down I gradually found them to be more and more awesome haha. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did

Apollo 18: Just No

December 29, 2011

Space films are my favourite kind of film. I can’t really explain why, but when they are done right (and right being that showing on screen how empty space is as well as how it would make you feel if you were in a dire situation millions of miles from Earth) they are flawless. Now, let me talk to you about Apollo 18. I didn’t go to see this in the cinema because I wasnt a fan of Cloverfield. The whole recording first person kinda film doesn’t do it for me, so I waited for it to come out on DVD and for someone other than me to buy it so I can ask them if I could borrow it.

Did anyone else switch on the movie and within 30 minutes of watching just about work out that it was going to be aliens? I mean, c’mon it was just silly. It was good in the sense of EVERYTHING but the storyline. The effects, camera work and editing I loved and would like to adapt some of those styles into my own work, but the storyline was diabolical.

I still think that the best space movie out there at the moment is Sunshine. Of course, this is just my personal opinion, but still, it’s a damn good film. It’s a shame that the director of Sunshine let himself down when he made 127 Hours a.k.a “Watch This Dude For 2 Hours”

The Hobbit: Official Trailer

December 21, 2011

The official trailer for The Hobbit.
I’m not going to lie… when I saw this I made a very big mess in my room and throughout the whole thing I was having tingles throughout my body.

awefalijfeaiwojfeo ENJOY!

29 Ways to Stay Creative

December 20, 2011

I think if more people used these rules, a lot more work would be done. I’ve actually saved this to my desktop and turned to it when I have nothing to do and even if I just pick one to do, I always get something done and end up getting good feedback. I advise everyone to do it, but again, a lot of people are a lot lazier than me haha.

theBacon Monthly

December 16, 2011

Hello guys and girls. This is a follow-up post on the preview of theBacon which myself and some friends have been working on. It looks like we now have a full go ahead into getting this magazine done by January (Hopefully the 10th). This will be a free e-magazine which will have content on the following things:

  • Films
  • Games
  • Girls
  • Gadgets
  • Reviews
  • Cool Products
  • Bacon Related posts I.E. recipes, concoctions, manwiches
  • Top funny images
  • News

This is mainly aimed at students but I think this magazine could have a large reader base if we continue. Anyway, this is the advert, and I hope you’re looking forward to the final thing.

Video Vs Audio

December 15, 2011

Being a media student I think I should at least write one post about this.

Audio has such a profound effect on our daily lives as well as in film. Now, I know it sounds cheesy but have you noticed how when you’re sad, you will listen to sad music. Sometimes to the point of nearly bringing you to tears? You run your own little music video to said song of how you would do something different, or relive something but it never happens. Or when you’re really happy or getting ready to go out you listen to music which can only go with how you’re feeling? Without music, I think that our daily lives would be oh so boring.

In film audio is an amazing effect. I was so fascinated with this that myself and my room-mate went to the extent of going on YouTube, finding a scene from a film, muting the audio and then finding a song that will fit (or a trailer). Doing this can completely change how a trailer is interpreted. Go onto YouTube and play your favourite movie trailer and then your favourite song and I bet it looks completely different. Sometimes it may look so much better with a song you chose (happened a few times with me).

With the films I make I’m going to put just as much dedication into sound production as I do the filming. I want both sides to be perfect.

Creative Instincts: Glenn Wallace

December 12, 2011

About Creative Instincts

Creative Instincts is a friendly, innovative video production company based in the North West.

We cover a diverse range of subjects from weddings, parties & proms to music videos, corporate events & promotional advertising. You name it, we film it.

We can provide all aspects of production including video direction, production and lighting all completed to professional standards – in standard or high definition. Finally, the footage is edited using Final Cut Pro, Magic Bullet Looks and Motion – all professionally recognised software. It is our aim to provide you with not only creative, but also unique videos that are tailored to your every need and we take great pride in doing so.

We offer a free consultation with all potential clients to discuss requirements in full and arrange a package to suit your budget. Once the project has begun we will keep you up to date with the progress of the video and we will endeavour to work to any timescales you may have. For more information go our services or contact us.

Battlefield 3: Best Kill Ever

December 11, 2011

My friend found this today and when I watched it I cracked up. I bet no-one fucks with this guy online.

This WILL make you smile.

December 11, 2011

Recently I’ve been taking an interest in a lot of Vimeo videos. I mean, I’m a media student of 3 years now and only in the past 3 months have I been watching them haha. Anyway, this video is one of those really meaningful videos.