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I forgot.

January 14, 2012

There is a very good reason as to why I havent been posting as much… I havent through of a good excuse yet so I think I’ll just tell you the truth.

1) I’ve been balls deep (sorry for the expression) in graphic design work. This time 2 months ago I did no freelance work. I have no qualifications in graphic design and had no one who was interested in my work. Now, it’s a different story. I get an email/phone call every day for paid work in graphic design and I’m slowly building an awesome portfolio.

2) I bought Assassins Creed Brotherhood for the PS3 and have been owning. Seriously, I’ve got a gold on each of the Virtual Training sections.

3) University. Oh yes, education. That one is always consuming around 60% of my time and I’ve got a pitch to do next week for Channel M.

4) I’ve been playing too much Pokemon on my DS.

Anyhow. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself because I’ve not posted on here so I cheered myself up by changing my picture and changing the header at the top of the blog. Let me know what you think.


Internet Adventure Find (2/1/2012)

January 2, 2012

Wooo, first one I’ve done this year! Not really been doing much so far other than designing logos for clients and playing Grand Theft Auto IV. Anyway, I took half a hour out to have a browse around to see what I could find that’s funny/awesome and here is what I found.

Portal Christmas… Yes

Pokemon: Try & Fill Your Pokedex Now.

December 30, 2011

Believe it or not, the image above is all the Pokemon from the first games (Pokemon Red, Blue & Yellow). I saw this and thought “That cannot be right” and actually counted them as I remember there being 150/151 including Mew and MewTwo. I remember with the card game I knew all the Pokemon. All being 150 of them. For my 21st birthday my mother’s side of the family got my a Nintendo 3DS so I thought I would go and get myself Pokemon. Before getting the game I thought I’d have a look at how Pokemon has been doing because a lot of games have been out since I last played (Pokemon Crystal). There are now 646 and they are releasing a further 200 next year for a new game they’re releasing for the 3DS.

I thought trying to catch 150 was hard!

Zelda Ocarina of Time: Shadow Temple

December 28, 2011

I played Zelda a lot as a kid, but I swear that this game is 10x harder than what I remember.
Recently I got to the Shadow Temple (where you get the eye of truth)… ohh, if you’re not a Zelda fan I don’t advise you read this because it wont make ANY sense what so ever. Anyway, Eye of Truth: check, Relaxed fingers: check, Knowledge to take this bad boy down from younger Cooper: double-check. I thought I was ready for it. So I went through the boss door and got down to him banging on his drum.

As you may know to kill this boss you have to shoot his hands, then Eye of Truth up and as he comes towards you to smack you off the edge you shoot him in the eye with an arrow and start hitting him. Seems easy? WRONG. I spent the best part of 2 days trying to beat this douchebag and it got the the point where I made sure I had a fairy in each bottle because the mother fu****r kept grabbing me up and tossing me about (no pun intended) which resulted in me losing around 3 hearts out of my 9 or 10.

Anyway, I wanted to let you all know I have beaten him and I am one step closer to beating Ganondorf so don’t fear… Cooper is here (to save Hyrule)

How Was Your Christmas?

December 26, 2011

Hello everyone. Merry Christmas to those of you who are on their new computers right now, enjoying the interwebz for the first time in many moons.

I wanted to make a post to see how everyone’s Christmas was? Maybe we could think of it as a form of competition? Anyone out there who has had a rather “interesting” Christmas this year, whatever the reason, email or comment on this post and whatever this experience the best one will be wrote up into a short video script which I will try to do by February.

Just to let you know my 21st was fantastic. A lot better than last year (long story but it involved the evil ex). My mother, knowing what a big kid I am, bought me a Nintendo 3DS with Zelda: Ocarina of Time on it which at present I am stuck on the Water Temple. All of you who are Zelda fans will know that when you get to the Water Temple its pretty much game over for your stress levels and to be honest I don’t think its mixing very well with my alcohol consumption.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good Christmas and have a great new year!


Games & Reality

December 22, 2011

There are a lot of games out there now that are starting to become a bit too realistic. I remember when you had a life count with games and when you lost them all then you would go back to a checkpoint or back to the start. Now most the games I play you die once and go back to the last checkpoint. Everything seems a bit too realistic in-game as well. I’m not one of those people who say “don’t let kids play these or they will change”. I believe that if kids are brought up right and are shown right and wrong then no matter what they watch / play they will do the right thing, but shit… games man… they are getting really really real.

For The Gamers

December 20, 2011

I know there is a lot of rivalry between the XBOX and the Playstation 3 gamers. I for one have had both consoles and my personal opinion is that Playstation is better. Not only do I not have to hear 14 year old American kids singing down the microphone, but I can have a full blown civil conversation with people while playing a game.

The Legend of Zelda

December 19, 2011

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This picture blew my mind. I’m glad that its all explained into one image. If you didnt know, I am a very big Zelda fan… actually a bit surprised I didnt post something like this sooner haha.

Battlefield 3: Best Kill Ever

December 11, 2011

My friend found this today and when I watched it I cracked up. I bet no-one fucks with this guy online.

Fat Boy Freaks Out On Call of Duty

December 10, 2011

I laughed so much at this hahahahaha in all fairness I get like this on Red Dead Redemption