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You want awesome? Check this out.

January 16, 2012

I was having a browse for some inspiration for some logo’s and designs I could get to work on and I came across this website. I’m no where near to this skill level of graphic design but I really really hope one day I will be.

Just in case you were wondering…

My name is Yanko Tsvetkov and I’m a freelance graphic designer and a visual artist. I am known as alphadesigner, a pseudonym that usually makes people think what I do is really important. That’s why I chose it.

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Happy Birthday: I’m Now 21

December 24, 2011

Today is my birthday. I am now 21 years old, and have successfully survived to the last “major” mile stone (at least for the next 9 years).
Wishes? I keep getting told by my mother that I’m too old for stockings and by my grandma I’m too old for getting a pound in my Christmas pudding, but I think I could make a few if they aren’t stupid right? I’m even going to tell you what they are.

1) 2012 to be a better year.  No, I’m not being depressing or anything silly like that. I just feel like 2011 from start to end has been a massive struggle financially, mentally, and emotionally. I wont go into detail, all I want is for 2012 to hold a bit more excitement and positivity. Not only from people around me but for me to be more positive when something happens because I know its my style to come out of something shit smelling like roses.

2) Graphic Design. I’m really hoping that over the next year or so my graphic design kicks off. I have no qualifications in graphic design, but from all the good feedback I receive about the work I do I don’t see why I should differ from the people who spent that extra year in school learning it. I hope I get given the chance to work for a company in graphic design and be working in an industry I’m really going to like because lets face it, retail sucks.

3) Iron Man Costume. I would pay a large amount of money to be in possession of an Iron Man suit. The exact same as the Mark 3 Tony Stark has. If I had one of these, I wouldn’t need to use public transport in Manchester, no one would mess with a dude in an iron suit and I would also become the local super hero.

I think I deserve that right?

P.S. I’ve noticed how camp I look in the photo shoot picture I did earlier this month. Next time I do a photo shoot for fun, I’ll put more explosions, meat, and guns in it.

For The Gamers

December 20, 2011

I know there is a lot of rivalry between the XBOX and the Playstation 3 gamers. I for one have had both consoles and my personal opinion is that Playstation is better. Not only do I not have to hear 14 year old American kids singing down the microphone, but I can have a full blown civil conversation with people while playing a game.

29 Ways to Stay Creative

December 20, 2011

I think if more people used these rules, a lot more work would be done. I’ve actually saved this to my desktop and turned to it when I have nothing to do and even if I just pick one to do, I always get something done and end up getting good feedback. I advise everyone to do it, but again, a lot of people are a lot lazier than me haha.

theBacon Monthly

December 16, 2011

Hello guys and girls. This is a follow-up post on the preview of theBacon which myself and some friends have been working on. It looks like we now have a full go ahead into getting this magazine done by January (Hopefully the 10th). This will be a free e-magazine which will have content on the following things:

  • Films
  • Games
  • Girls
  • Gadgets
  • Reviews
  • Cool Products
  • Bacon Related posts I.E. recipes, concoctions, manwiches
  • Top funny images
  • News

This is mainly aimed at students but I think this magazine could have a large reader base if we continue. Anyway, this is the advert, and I hope you’re looking forward to the final thing.

Creative Instincts: Glenn Wallace

December 12, 2011

About Creative Instincts

Creative Instincts is a friendly, innovative video production company based in the North West.

We cover a diverse range of subjects from weddings, parties & proms to music videos, corporate events & promotional advertising. You name it, we film it.

We can provide all aspects of production including video direction, production and lighting all completed to professional standards – in standard or high definition. Finally, the footage is edited using Final Cut Pro, Magic Bullet Looks and Motion – all professionally recognised software. It is our aim to provide you with not only creative, but also unique videos that are tailored to your every need and we take great pride in doing so.

We offer a free consultation with all potential clients to discuss requirements in full and arrange a package to suit your budget. Once the project has begun we will keep you up to date with the progress of the video and we will endeavour to work to any timescales you may have. For more information go our services or contact us.

Graphic Design: Adam Cooper

December 11, 2011

As most of you have probably already came to the conclusion I am a graphic designer. Although I dont have any qualifications in graphic design / art or had any lessons in any software regarding design for print or web etc, I am still able to pull of design work that so far has always surprised and please my clients. I do all my work for free because I enjoy what I do and can do it for hours. I see doing a project for a client as a big puzzle.

The name I went by used to be “coopersstuff”. I thought it was really cool at first, but then when clients call me and I need to give them my email address do you know how hart is it to say “adam at coopersstuff dot net… yes, thats two s’s… cooper, then 2 s’s, then tuff” (this has been in nearly all of my phone conversations, so next year I plan on changing it to or something because I do a lot of video work as well.

Remember I do all work for free so if you want a header designed for your WordPress or something else just let me know

December 10, 2011

Here is some concept art for a story myself and Callum Hebditch have been conceiving for about a year now. Very complex story but hopefully one day it will be a film.

theBacon: Draft Cover

December 9, 2011

Here is the test cover of theBacon Monthly. Obviously I had to blur the text so you dont know what the first issue will have, but I wanted to get some feedback. Let me know what you think about this one or if I should change anything. If not, just like haha. Of course I’m not going to be attending a photoshoot with Emily Browning on Wednesday, its going to be one of my friends.


theBacon Monthly Magazine

December 9, 2011

Recently myself and a few friends came up with the idea for a magazine which we are going ahead and doing as a side project. This magazine will be a free monthly magazine which will include the following things:

  • Girls
  • Games
  • Films
  • Gadgets
  • Top Funny Images
  • Reviews
  • Girls
  • Bacon
  • Females
  • Interviews

And if you didnt think that was enough, we called it “Bacon”.

“If we dont talk about it, it’s not worth knowing”

I will post on here when its done and uploaded (will be around 2-3 weeks time) and you can all enjoy theBacon.